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ML Certificate holders on Self Shiksha

Name Subject
Raushan Kumar Artificial Neural Networks
kirtan khichi Artificial Neural Networks
Vaibhav Jain Artificial Neural Networks
Shadab Raza Artificial Neural Networks
Vidya Bharti Artificial Neural Networks
Anurag Jha Artificial Neural Networks
Riya Singh Artificial Neural Networks
Shreya Gupta Artificial Neural Networks
Pawandeep Kaur Artificial Neural Networks
Vipul Agarwal Artificial Neural Networks
Geetanjali Srivastava Artificial Neural Networks
ANCHAL KUMAR CHAUBEY Artificial Neural Networks
suruj jyoti kalita Artificial Neural Networks
Vineet Jindal Logic Programming
Ritik Data Logic Programming
Samaksh Gupta Logic Programming
Adarsh Wadal Logic Programming
Prasoon Kumar Logic Programming
Shubham Yadav Logic Programming
Hemant - Logic Programming
Raman Gupta Logic Programming
Sahil1 - Logic Programming
Keshav Sharma Logic Programming
Arpit Joshi Logic Programming
Vivek Kumar Logic Programming
Prakhar Maheshwari Logic Programming
Abhigyan Vats Logic Programming
Sanchit Garg Logic Programming
Vidya Bharti Logic Programming
Chandan Dhingra Logic Programming
Dhruv Gupta Logic Programming
Srijan Ramnani Logic Programming
Khushal Rajoria Logic Programming
Kothapalli Sravyanth Logic Programming
Ajay Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Aakash Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Abhishek Parmar Pandas and NumPy
Raushan Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Rashmi kumari Pandas and NumPy
Shekhar Shrivas Pandas and NumPy
Amit Diwakar Pandas and NumPy
Sonal kumari Pandas and NumPy
Anmol Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Ankita Pancholi Pandas and NumPy
Ashutosh Kumar Pandas and NumPy
RANJAN SINGH Pandas and NumPy
Deepak Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Swarnali Saha Pandas and NumPy
suraj prajapati Pandas and NumPy
Bharat Suthar Pandas and NumPy
Nikhil Verma Pandas and NumPy
Mayank Singh Tomar Pandas and NumPy
Siddhi Mahesh Talgaonkar Pandas and NumPy
Nikhil Yadav Pandas and NumPy
suruj jyoti kalita Pandas and NumPy
Narendra singh Chouhan Pandas and NumPy
Bhaskar Singh Pandas and NumPy
Ritik Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Pradeep Kumar Pandas and NumPy
sahil Pandas and NumPy
Animesh Awasthi Pandas and NumPy
Apoorv Pandey Pandas and NumPy
Sandeep Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Deepali Tomar Pandas and NumPy
Nagmani kumar Pandas and NumPy
Shivam Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Arman Garg Pandas and NumPy
Shravan Ram Pandas and NumPy
Shadab Raza Pandas and NumPy
Narayan Jat Pandas and NumPy
DIWAKAR SINGH Pandas and NumPy
Nikhil Raj Soni Pandas and NumPy
kirtan khichi Pandas and NumPy
Pawandeep Kaur Pandas and NumPy
Pankaj Yadav Pandas and NumPy
Rajat Malviya Pandas and NumPy
Swapnali Khamaru Pandas and NumPy
Dushyant Kataria Pandas and NumPy
Geetanjali Srivastava Pandas and NumPy
Shubham - Pandas and NumPy
Vidya Bharti Pandas and NumPy
Satyam Kumar Pandey Pandas and NumPy
VISHWARATH T Pandas and NumPy
Divyansh Mishra Pandas and NumPy
Ajeet Kumar Pandas and NumPy
Riya Singh Supervised Learning Basics
Vidya Bharti Supervised Learning Basics
Geetanjali Srivastava Supervised Learning Basics
Abhisek Mukhopadhyay Supervised Learning Basics
Pawandeep Kaur Supervised Learning Basics
VISHWARATH T Supervised Learning Basics
Swapnali Khamaru Supervised Learning Basics
suruj jyoti kalita Supervised Learning Basics
Shadab Raza Supervised Learning Basics
Raushan Kumar Supervised Learning Basics
Abhishek Parmar Supervised Learning Basics
Phunsukh Wangdu Supervised Learning Basics
kirtan khichi Supervised Learning Basics
Swapnali Khamaru Unsupervised Learning Basics
Geetanjali Srivastava Unsupervised Learning Basics

Improve your math word problem solving skills

Primarily meant for school students (class 8-10)

Important Features:

- Math word problems divided into 4 levels
- Problems generated randomly
- Every student gets a unique problem
- Solve 10 problems correctly in a row for next level

Develop Soft Skills through Yoga philosopy.

Ask any question related to life in general and get a relevant verse from Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Uses LLM based vector embeddings trained on this Yoga Dataset to find the relevant verse along with its manually verified English translation.

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